Tanned/smooth leather half-cut/dark green
Tanned/smooth leather half-cut/dark green
Tanned/smooth leather half-cut/dark green

Tanned/smooth leather half-cut/dark green

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This handmade leather is made of cowhide leather processed at "Kaname", a leather dyeing factory in Sumida, downtown Tokyo, which has a long-standing tradition. The leather is dyed and processed by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods without using pigments as much as possible, so you can feel the original texture of the leather and its aging process with your five senses. Please enjoy the taste of leather that is "different from the rest.

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Product Features

Using domestic raw hides that are particular about their place of origin

The raw hides before processing are also carefully selected from the place of origin, and high quality Hokkaido cow hides are used. The selected raw hides are vegetable-tanned using vegetable materials, making it an environmentally friendly leather.

Shrink Finish" to feel the charm of leather

The surface is "shrink-finished" to enjoy the beautiful wrinkles (grains) unique to leather. The size of the grain is natural and matches various craft items such as bags and key holders.

Various leather expressions created by master craftsmen

The fabric is dyed with as little pigment as possible, and each piece is carefully hand-applied with Kaname's original blend of oils by skilled craftsmen. The craftsmen's "artisan skills" give each piece a unique texture that will develop over time.