Tomoko Taguchi
Selieu Designer

Key ring with dead leaves



Reproduction of realistic leaf details

This item is made of leather with realistic leaf details, from the jagged edges and veins of the leaves to the natural form with a slightly broken feel. It can be used as a key holder on a bag or keys, or can be arranged in a wide range of ways, such as attaching it to a hair elastic or attaching many leaves to it.

The process and tools used are very simple, so please feel free to create without being bound by any form.

What to prepare

Here is what you need to make a key ring with dead leaves


How to make a key ring with dead leaves

Download pattern paper [A3 size].

Please print without scaling on A3 paper.


Mark the leather according to "pattern A" and cut it with a cutter or scissors.


Lay "pattern paper B" over the part cut out in STEP 1, cut it out in a jagged pattern, and lightly sand the edge of the cut part.

<Point Advice>


The veins are drawn on the surface of the leather using a pointed object such as a "trowel" or "eyelet."

Key points (it's okay to write them down as you see fit)


Soak the leather in water until it changes color. (about 30 seconds)


Lightly wipe off moisture with a towel.


Crumble the leaves into a crumpled shape with your hands.


Fold the stem back to the underside of the leaf in a U-shape.


Draw the veins again, tracing the veins that you have just added.


Dry the leather using a hair dryer.

<Point Advice>


Using a fine brush, the dye is applied to the kova.


Apply "Toco Pro" with a cloth to the edge and toco surfaces.


Pass a "double can" through the stem bent into a U-shape, apply bond to the folded part of the stem, and secure with a clip.


Thread round cans, pearl parts, etc. through the stem part as desired, and you are done.



Download pattern paper [A3 size].

Please print without scaling on A3 paper.

Author Profile

Tomoko Taguchi

She has been making leather crafts for 9 years. Started making things with pigskin when she was making corsages with fabric and happened to incorporate some scraps of leather. 2014 started a leather jewelry brand "Selieu". Currently, he has an atelier in Futakotamagawa, where he works while selling his products through e-commerce and participating in pop-ups and exhibitions.

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