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Round petal flower brooch



Leather accessories with floral motifs that add color to fashion

This flower motif brooch is made by layering rounded leather pieces. Perfect as an accent to your hat or bag, or to add a stylish touch to a simple outfit, one of these brooches is sure to become a wonderful item that will add a touch of sparkle to your daily fashion.

The petals are natural, even if they are distorted, making it easy for even first-time leather craftspeople to try their hand at it.


How to make a round petal flower brooch

Download pattern paper [A3 size].

Please print on A3 paper without scaling.


<Creating petal parts>

Cut out 8 pieces of leather using a "circular die cutter (30mm diameter)".


The first one is drilled in the center.



The second one drills a hole slightly to the edge of the center.


The third through eighth holes are drilled even closer to the edge than the second.


Apply "Toconol" to a cloth and smooth the toco surface and the edge of the petal parts.


<Creation of ribbon parts and stem parts>

Mark the leather according to "pattern A and B". Mark the tops of each of the pieces with a "round gimlet".


The cutter is used to cut along the marked mold.


Cut a slit for a brooch fitting in the ribbon part with a cutter. (Refer to the pattern for the position)


Treat the ribbon parts' bumps with "Toko Pro".


<Creation of flower core parts>

Bundle the "pep" and fold it in half, hooking the bent wire in the center.


Twist the two wires together into one piece.


Hook another wire at the base in the same manner and twist the wire to fasten.



Pass the flower core through the hole in the first petal part.


Once the flower core is threaded through, bond the petal parts to the back side of the petal parts to secure them in place.


Repeat STEP 13 and 14, shifting the 8 petal parts little by little and stacking them while watching the balance.


Apply bond to the back of the stem part and wrap it around the wire.


Cut off the excess leather from the stem part with a cutter or scissors.


Treat the edge of the stem parts with a cloth coated with "TocoPro".


Place the brooch hardware into the slit in the ribbon and secure with bond.


Apply bond to the back of the ribbon and wrap tightly around the stem.

<Point Advice>


When the bond is dry, the project is complete.

Download pattern paper [A3 size].

Please print on A3 paper without scaling.

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Tomoko Taguchi

She has been making leather crafts for 9 years. Started making things with pigskin when she was making corsages with fabric and happened to incorporate some scraps of leather. 2014 started a leather jewelry brand "Selieu". Currently, he has an atelier in Futakotamagawa, where he works while selling his products through e-commerce and participating in pop-ups and exhibitions.

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