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Wallet with card case



Leather craft, the basic "Ho

We will make a simple money clip made with the basic processes of "cutting," "pasting," and "sewing," which are the basic "Ki" of leather craft, and a simple folded wallet with a card case. It can hold both bills and cards, making it a perfect item for everyday use.

In the recipe we will introduce here, you will learn how to " In addition to "cutting," "pasting," and "sewing," you will learn basic assembly techniques. Once you have mastered the techniques Once you have mastered the techniques, you can apply them to make more complex items. and try your hand at making more complex items.


How to make Wallet with card case

Download pattern paper [A3 size].

Please print on A3 paper without scaling.


Put the pattern on the leather.Cutting with a cutterI will do so.


The "not sewn together part" of the two card pocket parts (C and D)Polish the edgeYes.


The parts to be pasted (C) are marked with "Apply "Cybinol" 2 mm wide.Paste together.


Draw a 2.5 mm wide guide with a "divider" about 4 cm at the point to be sewn.


Use a "rhombus hammer (2mm width)" on the marked area.Make a hole.We are going to do it.


The beginning of the stitching is"Nigomegatari."Stitch with a "ichimakawase" stitch on the front side only, and tie a knot on the back side.


The seams and knots are crushed by hitting them with a "mallet".


Apply "Cybinol" to the pocket parts and attach them to the divider parts (B).


Draw a 2.5 mm wide guide with a "divider" at the point to be sewn.


Use a "rhombic hammer (2mm width)" to drill holes in the marked areas.


Use a "rhombus hammer (2mm width)" to make a hole in the part of the outer part (A) to be sewn together, matching the hole made in the previous process.


The point where the hole was drilled.sewingThe following is a summary of the results of the project.


Both the beginning and the end of sewing are stitched in the "2-eye turn" method.



Pull the needle out of the card pocket and divider and tie a hard knot, then pull the knot into the card pocket so that it is hidden.


The heel of the stitched area is removed and the entire koba is polished.


After polishing the kova, the product will be completed.

Download pattern paper [A3 size].

Please print on A3 paper without scaling.

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Yuji Ieda

She has been making leather crafts since 2011 and has 11 years of experience in leather crafts. He started leather crafts when he was a student because of his creative urge to "make something" and happened to see a leather crafts corner. He specializes in making wallets, bags, and simple small leather goods in general. Currently, he is developing two brands, "moja kawa" and "wfw," and is holding pop-ups at department stores, exhibiting at exhibitions, and taking orders for full-order items.

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