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Factory brand from Toyooka

Atelier Nou was born in Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, a town known for its bags.
The brand name is a coined word combining "atelier" (atelier = workshop) and "nou" (to sew), and is one of the few women's factory brands in the world. Its parent company is a bag manufacturer that handles OEM and ODM production of bags for top brands in Japan and abroad. It is also the largest manufacturer in Toyooka, and has its own factories in Kyoto and Da Nang, Vietnam. The brand's debut was in 2015, but it was originally a store with its own workshop. Toyooka is a production center for bag making, but in the past there was no place where one could actually buy a bag. The store was opened in 2008 to provide a place where people could buy bags locally. Of course, Atelier Nou as a store still exists on Kaban Street, the symbol of the city. Since its full-fledged launch as a brand, Atelier Nou has been producing leather goods such as bags and wallets certified by Toyooka Bag. The brand concept is "chic & natural - universal beauty in materials. Based on universal designs and materials that are loved beyond time, the brand aims to be a brand that gently accompanies users' lifestyles.

What stands out in the Atelier Nou lineup is the design of the mouth frame. This is a model from the "Purcell" series, named "Dulles" because its shape resembles an American Dulles bag. The wide opening like a toadstool makes it easy to use and creates a somewhat retro and classic atmosphere. The bag's appearance, which matches the heavy texture of the leather exquisitely, looks fresh in this day and age. Toyooka has a long history of making Dulles bags, and there are many companies that specialize in making the mouth frames for these bags. This is why the quality of the frames is high, and the ability to procure such parts locally is one of the strengths of the Toyooka-born brand. Incidentally, "Purcell" is a model synonymous with the brand. It is available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and materials, and is a popular design supported by people of all ages.

Atelier Nou has been focusing on sustainable manufacturing for the past two years, and has obtained the SDGs declaration, aiming to use all materials with low environmental impact by 2025. One of their collections is made from sustainable leather "Resa Botanica Vino". The leather is tanned and dyed with wine pomace, and the polyphenols contained in the wine pomace give the leather its strength and suppleness. The deep color, reminiscent of red wine, is also attractive, and many women fall in love with this unique and beautiful coloring and purchase the leather. Other products include the "Hazai" series, which recycles leather waste that is inevitably produced when making bags, and the "For the Blue" series, which uses recycled materials derived from discarded fishing nets, which Toyooka Bag has been working on.

No matter how particular they are about materials, if consumers do not pick up the product, it will not be truly sustainable. To this end, it is important to create universal designs that are not influenced by trends, and to sell out the best possible quantity from a business perspective, rather than a cycle of frequently creating new products. Furthermore, taking advantage of its strength as a factory brand, the company provides follow-up services after purchase, including repair services. Ethical consumption that takes into consideration the environment, people, and society will become mainstream in Japan in the future. In such an era, Atelier Nou's sustainable manufacturing should brightly light up the future of the bag industry.

Sustainable leather is a good match for the classical design

The retro atmosphere of the Dulles bag is retained in this mini Dulles bag, which has been made into a compact size that even women can easily carry. The key point is that it has a modern structure with an aluminum frame in the opening, and the mouth frame opens wide with a single touch for easy loading and unloading. Despite its compact size, it also has high storage capacity, neatly fitting an A5 notebook and a 500 ml plastic bottle. Above all, the beautiful color of "Rezza Botanica Vino," which is dyed with wine pomace, gives it a unique presence. With a detachable shoulder strap, it can be carried in two different ways.

Atelier nuu parcel Lezza botanica vino mini dalles

Cowhide leather
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